Muhammad Faisal

Web Developer, Lahore, Pakistan


Website Design Process

Following are the general steps I take to create a website. Depending on the scope of the project, the entire process may take anywhere from a few days to few weeks.

01. Requirements Gathering
02. Information Architecture
03. Graphic Design
04. Production and Programming
05. Website Maintenance

01. Requirements Gathering

First, I like to hear what the goals and intended audience are for the website.

  • Is the goal to market a company, sell a product, educate, or entertain?
  • To whom is the site targeted, e.g., CEOs, young couples, or students?
  • How fast are target users' connection to the Internet, and what screen resolution are they likely to be using?

Answers to these questions go a long way toward determining the content and organization of the site. Another key part of website planning is understanding where the client organization is coming from in terms of branding. I like to see what communications materials have been produced in the past (brochures, previous websites, annual reports), and hear what's been effective. What visual elements should be carried through to the proposed website, such as a logo or color palette? What "voice" does the organization use? Do branding elements not even exist yet, and need to be created from scratch?

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Web Services

I offer custom web site design/development, e-commerce solutions, website hosting, web site maintenance, website redesign and much more. Read more about web services
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